Getting Irritated..

Ppl always say, wisdom comes with age. Impatience comes with age too, in addition to that.

Lately, my threshold of bearing certain provocation are getting lower n lower as i aged. Maybe is the work cirumstances which i am dealing with. Sigh.

I am starting to get  irritated by the staff nurses,if not the student nurses recently – of course not all. No hard feelings for those are studying or working as nurses, but it really touched my nerves in certain occasions. 

Occasion 1.

Me : Adik, itu patient(PIH) need satu urgent BP la, dia complain sakit kepala. Tolong ambil boleh ar?

Student nurse: Oh, saya punya shift sampai pukul 1pm saja.( was few minutes to 1pm)

In the end, of course she went and measured. She measured the BP, and went back straight after 1pm without any passover or documentation at the observation chart.

Occasion 2.

In the BHT documented;

Patient (OnG pt) has right sided numbness. Dr.Koay noted.

I was oncall tat day. And was loaded with works and stress of course, in  labour room, when this staff nurse informed me this through phone. Nothing was done from the staff nurse to that patient, even asking wat’s wrong with her, or at least try to find out if its urgent or not. They just can’t crack their brain to think of wat causes it, may it be something urgent to note it to doctor. U see, such documentation gimme an impression on how much they just wanna push the responsibilities to the doctor and does not even want to bear any effort of responsibility of even attending the patient at all. 

Upon attending the patient, once she told wat happened i would already know wat’s wrong with her,which does not require any management but such documentation are jus like an OSCE question in the BHT. For purpose of documentation there are many things to rule out just for a minute cause. Such occasions really really tested my patience, especially when there are more intense cases going on which needed attention more than this. I just feeling like strangling that person la at times many many times.

Occasion 3:

Middle of the night while attending other case, and got a call;

‘Doctor, nanti tepat pukul 12.30 (midnite) baby sudah NPU 24 hours. Datang tengok’

Me: Ada buat apa-apa kepada baby itu tak?

Staff nurse: tak de lagi.

I just dun understand la. Again, my patience boiled. I started cursing again, and just cannot understand WHY WHY WHY WHY? WHY CAN’T THEY USE THEIR BRAIN??!! They are not first day working there, but for years ady.

Can’t they just at least encourage feeding or at least top-up the feeding, or do some cold compression without me asking?? Let’s say if they really use their brain but still doing this, then it comes to another impression even worst than being brainless, of being taking things for granted, selfish and irresponsible at all! They just wanna save their own ass, and push everything to doctors.

Upon attending the patient, and BHT again;

Already stated nice and well, ‘Baby NPU 24 hours. Dr.Koay noted’


Sigh, i am post call now, and really dog-tired. But u know, i just keep having that kinda feeling something amiss without expressing these amusing frustrations.

Patience is really a virtue, trust me.

I think i will sleep better after this..

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My BIG relieve..

By now, i guess most of us (batchmates) would already half-stepped into their new postings, running their own feat with their respective pace. Me, proudly am joining the most of us into my next new posting ; Obsteric and Gynaecology. Let’s not start with it, since I’ve not even waddled the first step.

4 months in Orthopedic, was hell of a time. If Taiping would have Maxwell hill has the haunted place, then Orthopedic department in Taiping would had been the hell for those.  The pump of adrenaline rush of fear, didn set off til the last day i signed off waving bye to that department heartily. I know i did mention few times before, but trust me..i really really meant it. I’ve not reach to the age of androgenic menopause syndromme when i have to nag again n again jus to emphasize how true my words were. I meant it, really :O I believe writing here, for of those who are reading would be something like reading the tragedy in Haiti recently, feeling the empathy for them, but just a mere ‘feeling’, but being the first person taking part in it is a total different dimension.

So many for me to tell and by no means shall I pen it down here. Just a simple conclusion, i am really gald that the worst had past.  Looking at the brighter side of it, i know there’s more to come more intriguing perhaps, but those hardcore moments had built me a tougher person subconsiously =) At least, i had great time for my Chinese New Year, and currently enjoying my sweet 6 days off. Will enjoy my 6 days off to the max, as a tribute to pat my own shoulder of well done, making through the toughest posting in Taiping..Malaysia perhaps(No joke) =) =)

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Some people….

Some people hate, Some people love,

Some people are procrastinators, some people act now,

Some people act to be truely good, some people are too good to be true,

Some people points fingers, while some people extend their hands,

Some people aimless, while some people aimed for the best,

Some people thinks of themselves only the world, while some people thinks the world before themselves,

Some people pretends to be professional, while some are born professional,

This New Year, it is not about who is perfect and who is not. It is a bout sharing and be grateful of the past that brings us here today. Because of all the acquantainces, and mistakes, we must all learn to see the perfections in the imperfections =)


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MErRy MerrY X’mAs!

I know Xmas when I was 5 or 6 years old. I recalled that i was really fascinated so by the environment and the celebration in Sungai Wang during that time. For the first time i can really feel the cherished and yet warmth atmosphere prolly becoz of the jovial Xmas songs, decorations which so much different from Chinese New Year. And it was then i tot converting to Christian becoz of that. I know i was way too much naive.

It was then during my University life when I really celebrate Xmas, Xmas party, church occasions and so on. And so, i am now already a grown up. Xmas meant a lot to me, although i am not a Christian. Well, i suppose Xmas in this era is not a religious celebration but rather a global celebration. Xmas meant a lot to me becoz each time when its around the corner, that’s when my birthday comes too. Its like a reminder that my birthday is around the corner. On top of all, Xmas is like finalizing the year end account u know, when i’ll think of new resolutions for my coming new year, and wonder of my past achievements, failures and changes to made for my current year.

This year, there’s too much happenings and changes which took part in my life. What i need for now is TIME for me to resolute.

I wish everyone a Merry Merry Xmas!

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My Birthday …. =)

Days were as sombre and sad , filled with the usual frustrations from my current job. Not that i am hating the job, but unable to find the reason to engage myself into the politics of working, and perhaps the real world – the real human being. Its all just pure frustrations rather than stress for now. And yes, Kudos to myself that i’ve lived 24 years in this world. However, nothing had been more frustrating as i about to step on my 24 years of life, once i start working. really. Obviously, i didn look forward for my birthday this year.

However out of the cloud of sombreness, frustrations, stil there’s silver lining among the dark clouds that makes me realize that I am actually stil functionally alive. The YenWee in me stil stays on. 

I would really like to take this  opportunity to thank all of u all for the wishes through Facebook, SMSes, Birthday cards, and of course on top of it, my new Swatch watch and the King of Pop CD. I want u all to know that all those had really made my day and really boost my spirit again for being myself. It is a good reminder from u guys tat i still have the support from u all. That has really made my day,really =)

Not forgetting, the birthday surprise dinner in Pizza Hut just now. Thanks again for those  who had attended. It made me miss those days so so much.

Special thanks to you for organizing the brithday surprise, gift despite being as busy as bee. =)

Last but not least, a very very Happie Birthday !!! to me… =)

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Updates from Taiping

Yes yes, finally there are news from me. Taiping town. Here i am, for already 1 month in just glimpse of time. 1 month here and there’s substantial amount of stories to be shared in this subtle post. 

Hmm…to start with, I am now in Orthopedic department, Perubatan Tulang. Quote once stated that seeing is believing, but it never works on me. To me, experiencing is believing. Much to say that housemanship is tiring, exhausting, dog tiring, but experiencing it is another whole story.

 I dunno if i am considered lucky or unlucky, to begin with orthopedic department in Taiping Hospital. Just a brief preface of my posting which i’ve heard from seniors here. It is the highest extension rate in Msia for the housemanship, succumbed to 80%, 8 out of 10 ppl got extended the last batch before i came. 3 fellow housemen who just came to that posting, transfered out from Hospital Taiping  after 1 week in this posing! and new regulation was even made not to post anymore 1st poster like me to Ortho Dpt in this hospital. Very much thanks to the 3 fellow housemen who left this department to other hospital, me n Chi Wooi got the ‘privilage’ of stepping into this red hot zone which in dire need of housemen for 4 months. =(

It was a really a nightmare before starting this posting. And i rmr it was hell when the first day we started, when all my fellow comrades welcomed me n chi wooi with..’Aiyah, why are u here one?” “I pity u la”, “Whoa, first poster in Ortho ah”, “let’s see how long u can last”…What the heck! yea i told myself come wat may, n let’s see how pain my ass can be kicked. 

There’s this new specialist in our department who will likes to drill ppl like nobody’s business, whether in front of our HOD, MOs, and the best is in front of public, and patients. Every morning our day start with morning passover round at 730am sharp, and we suppose to present watever new cases we had clerked day before. That is his morning breakfast show.  He can ask anything from hair to toe about that patient and even ask us to leave the morning passing over half way to find out the answer before going back again with answers. He will humilate ppl  with the lowest dignity words he can have in his life. Once, half way ward rounds, he asked my fellow colleagues to call Pengarah and tell Pengarah wat mistakes she had made. For nothing, he will drill whoever with him during ward rounds – his favourite past time. Well, maybe he meant for good, but yet for me to find out lar. Will see will see. No hard feelings. 

Adding to that, i am posted to this department in the most busiest ward. Kelas 3 ward, where all the bread and butter of Ortho cases admited to. I admit that life’s really Hell here, but after 4 weeks here, things got more settled down and i am already starting to adapt to it, thankfully =) Thanks to the MOs here too, and despite such horrendous  posting,  manage to have a senior MO from IMU! At least, i felt home. =) Looking at the brighter side, i am considered not that bad in terms of the ill-treatment from that specialist. Luckily, touch wood, me n chi wooi never got into his bad book yet.  Even brighter..i know many of my bathmates sure envy of me. Guess wat, Ray amputation, wound desloughing, wound debridement, tendon repair, are all everyday’s business for houseman in this department. Proud to say, i already managed to perform Ray amputation, wound debridement, T n S, a few times after 4 weeks here. Envy rite? Hehe. On top of that, i already did my on call as 1st HO call the 2nd in week in this posting 😉

In summary, Taiping Hospital is a good training hospital. But only provided u r tough enuf to undergo this hell posting. I am very sure each individual who managed to live from this posting will be tougher nex time. Hehe.

My current schedule isn’t tat hectic. at least better than Chrsitina and Kexin who had on calls EOD , average of 8-10  calls per month.  Taiping is good to me, becoz of the weather. Raining with 5-6 hours are everyday’s business. Stil my record of a rainless day in Taiping is 0.

I lost my handphone recently, and got a new one. My number stil remain the same, and pls to text me ur number.

Last but not least…. I do miss those days back in IMU like crazy. Do keep in touch always =)

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Happie Deewali

I called my CFCS patient who happened to be a Hindu, and he was admitted to hospital again. =( Got transfered somemore, anonym to promotion, to higher centre in KL – UMMC, fom Seremban GH. Well, let’s keep it private regarding his condition. Latest update, he is being discharged out from UMMC soon, and it is a relieve to me and I am sure it leaves a very big impact on him.

And of sudden, our Msia folks were dazzled by fine tremors in their home esp cities like KL on 30th September 2009, causing a huge stir among the nations. It later turned out to be a magnitude of  7.6  Ritcher scale’s earthquake in Padang, Sumatra.  Thousands dead, hundreds thousands of families affected which total up to millions of ppl losing their hope to live on, not to mention those who lost their beloved ones.

Merely 1 week before that, Ketsana made its landfall to a few countries namely China, Philipines, Vietnam…Again, thousand got affected, if not millions, soon to be.

Let’s hope this celebration of Light of triumph over the darkness, be able to reach those less fotunate ones out there, enlightening their lives for betterment, and redeem their spirit when it is at their lowest point of life. There’s always light in the end of darkest tunnel. =)


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Hindu machas, friends, colleagues, lecturers, thambis, tang ge chis..


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