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MO ady..

Hip Hip Hooray! Booyah! Yay! Or watever blithe shoutout that may expressed, I’d finally sailed through the 2 years of medical trainee years in Taiping Hospital. =)For these 2 years, I don feel a niche of being old at all, … Continue reading

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I blog..once again…

My last post was way damn long ago, i know it. Who cares.. Again, i must say Time is really freaking me out man. Can’t imagine that, ppl are selling mooncakes ady, and then Raya is jus falling the coming … Continue reading

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The Calling

And so they dropped da’ bomb that me and my friends been waiting for, for this entire period of nothing-ness.. It was last week, one fine peaceful morning echoed with magpies chirps, mist which enveloped the serene resident area of mine, smiles … Continue reading

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Something to laugh about

I watched this video while i was mugging for my exam- days before it. For once, it helped me so much to laughed out my stress during that period. N this video was jus hot from oven during that period.  Occasionally … Continue reading

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Random updates

Again, i abondoned my blog, chronicly. Been very occupied with bulk of works in and out from hospital. I am currently posted to the obstetric and gynaecology, a real BLOODY busy posting. I really meant it, bloody 5 weeks long dealing with blood, blood and … Continue reading

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Vegetative Vegetable

Lecturer :*on serious note*  What are the features of brain stem stroke? Anxious student : Pt will look like vegetable. Lecturer : *Short pause*……

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I’m being skinned

Last weekend, i frantically went for hair-cut in Batu Pahat. Find it hard to wax my hair as it grew long dysproportionately. Well, its my first outing for my hair cut. Being  a curious boy as always, i tot of giving a try … Continue reading

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