1st IMU Alumni Retreat


Last Monday (28th Sept 09) – Wednesday (30th Sept 09) was our very own IMU Alumni activity. Name it as 1st IMU Alumni Retreat. This event is the first major event which is organized for students of IMU, targeting the recent schol-leavers like me. Since I am so free wandering nowadays, I take no chance to miss this event.


7630_267039735289_676720289_9113701_16826_nNot bad rite..Awesome rite ? The organizers made the effort to scout around resorts, inns, hotels around port dickson and finally ended up opting this place. The Residence Resort. Just a stone throw away from our Port Dickson Hospital. Overall, i think the pic tat was taken by Gabriel might hav lifted up grades for this resort. It is being over-rated by this pic judging from the experience of staying there for 3 days.

And so..wat’s all about within these 3 days in this Retreat?..

The very first day, we were given a talk, well.. mannies mannies talkss by a Financial Consultant specializing in Unit Trust, Mr.Jeffrey Cheah from Penang. From morning till night, its all about financial prudence, but honestly i would think that it is slightly deviated a bit more on Unit Trust. Of course, we also learnt about other types of investment e.g; shares market, Amanah Saham, FD, and doing our own business.


That is Mr.Jeffrey. Credits goes to him for the first day as we learnt quite a lot from him, of how to make money works for us rather than we work for money. He knows his stuff well, and i am sure he definitely updates his background homeworks from time to time. If u guys out there who hav doubts on mamaging crops u’ve reaped, he is the one u can go after. Look for me for his contact 😉

Second day, and it was written Grooming and Fashion by Chapter One. Chapter One?? Who the hell it is? Or they?? We were all naive i would say. Maybe we were too doomed into medical field that we dun really care much of all happenings in Msia. Well, Chapter One is an image and skills consultancy firm in Malaysia. They provide professional image services to professionals, corporations, and individuals in areas of image management, communication and etiquette and protocol skills. More about them click HERE.


Part of the session, we were all taught ways of dressing for everyday business purpose, which is very much relevant for us. She is Miss Josephine, guiding us the correct way to dress up the way it is, or on the other way round, to point us how much we hav been wrong in dressing up formal style all these years. It was an eye opener, and it gives me a boost of confidence to stand up the rest next time when i am working. But, this session cost a bomb, u know.


So next, Chinese opera session…by us… XD10234_267030755289_676720289_9113614_6113770_n

Ending this session, boys were also to cleanse, scrub and do mask in front of them, making sure we are doing the correct way. And we were as radiant as before… =)

While we were so busy with all those jobs, the gals…


Make-up lah of course, the lady’s world..The one holding the camera is Sujan, assistant to Miss Josephine. Too bad, can’t find any pic of her. 10234_267035630289_676720289_9113658_1743922_n

Its quite good u know, as Miss Josephine able to giv one on one session with them as the gals’ group isn’t a big one. I am sure the gals benefited this the most of all the 3 days.

2nd day was rather free, and we have time for leisure. So what to expect to do in P.Dickson? Beach! of course.


7630_267039695289_676720289_9113698_4691093_nI brought along my volleyball, and it served us well. Beach volleyball, and i miss volleyball very much. We do really have fun among ourselves that evening while appreciating the serene sunset… 10234_267019965289_676720289_9113587_2648238_n

Nothing is better in this world than living without exams..=)

The last day of our stay, we were given a talk by our very own, Gabriel Tan or nowadays he is fond of being called Brother Tan. XD. He showed us wat he had learnt for these 3 years undertaking psychology as his part-time study. Its about Stress Management.

Guess wat, that morning, instead we expected to fish inside the hall after staying up late night before, he brought us to..10234_267020000289_676720289_9113590_2048328_n

Seaside. Using our 5 senses…to release stress. Hehe.


The pro is doing the job.

I am sure this lesson will be very useful for us not for now of course, but later on when we are demoted as the lowest lifeform of microorganism pyramid- housemen.

Anyways, this retreat had serve us well. Not only we learnt so much, but it is sort of minute gathering among our batchmates.

10234_267044950289_676720289_9113779_973049_n See, all of us still look as handsome as ever,as pretty as before if not prettier.


As time waits for no man, it’s time for us stay apart again. =(. But soon we will see each other again la.

Kudos to the organizers, Mr.Gabriel Tan, Dr.Cheah, Dr.Ng, Miss Aznah and few more others who had made those days for us.

 So, wat’s next IMU Alumni??? Register and join for those who have not yet do so!


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