Once a lifetime journey

5 yrs…5 yrs!!! Damn! Someone pls hit me n tell me that it’s all over. I must be casted by IMU’s mojo throughout these 5 yrs, i woke up this morning still pondering about wardwork, postings, case write-ups which i never tot of ending.. its simply, endless.

Indeed its all over, and facebook reminds me tat its finally over. Uh, my facebook highlights were ALL our pics being painted wit smiles, lavish cheers and of course, mortarboardsss!



Its all seems like yesterday. Reminiscence of the long 5 yrs had indeed change the most of me.

My journey started in IMU actually caught me offguard for me n family from the beginning. I never even dream of entering a private Uni that time, as all the while my aim was jus into public Uni due to financial constraint. But anyhow, after discussions with family, finally the consensus made me to IMU which is completely new.


With my half-hearted self settling down into IMU, I still wished to enter public Uni perhaps the nex round of application back then. I started off cheekily, never take my studies seriously, dealing into all sorts of activities filling most of my time in IMU, and on top of it, i never see the day i would be able to grad from IMU.


Back then in Sem1, all of us were strangers to each other until when the elective came in, when most of us went for our electives in groups to anywhere under the sun. We were so young tat time, even now XD. Together with those bunch of ppl, we came to Land below the Wind, where we got closer with those from KK. Sem 1. It was a good start for me in IMU, and i was thinking, ‘wow, for 6 months of study, i got such a great vacation. IMU isn’t bad afterall’

Zoo Voluntary Visit 095a

Sem 2 and 3 was crucial as what our seniors mentioned. But still ,we managed to have lotsa fun. When i say fun, i really meant it. I spent even more time having fun here n there. Above, we came to visit the Zoo Negara as part of the volunteering programme under Raleigh International.


I carry myself out of my comfort+shy zone, to challenge myself even further to run for Student Representatives Council for my batch contending with my senior back then who has a prolific background in IMU. Against all odds, i manage to win the seat, surprising most of the ppl in IMU back then. Whether its for good, or bad..i go ahead and try to juggle myself with studies and side activities.


Not enuf, i even dwell into taekwondo organizing few national tourneys,raising funds under the name of IMU Cares. I tot i was Superman back then. I do really enjoy tkd as sports back then when i still able to stretch myself to max. I got the opportunity to train under our national team coach who trains our very own Olympians, and other national atheletes.

36043045341541l I did also learnt and grew my interest into rather a new sports to me which is volleyball. And, back then we were the hat-trick champs for IMU cup..Dun pray pray k.  Still studies were secondary to the aforementioned. In the end, my negligence to my studies had taken its toll during my sem3 finals.


I FAILED. Yeap, i hav to resit and manage to merely pass the resit paper. Its not easy to have gone through those period. It brought all my pride to the bottom feet, stepped. It was heart wrecking. But I am glad that it happened and its over.

AMSC '05 Malaysia 291

I started Sem 4 with new resolution. I did my best to catch up my foundation  that i’ve missed that 2 yrs, while not also forgetting fun. While fun was a taboo for me that time, i managed to join the AMSC 2006 when it was held in Kuala Lumpur. It was an immense occasion to be organized by Malaysia and we are proud that IMU is part of it, small part of it. We were to perform on behalf on Msia on the stage to the Asia countries. Tat’s why for those who read this, cannot recognize us rite?..Cun rite?heheh.


Semester 5 was rather sad. Most of our 2.5 yrs of friends were to fly off somewhere to complete their own journey for the title Dr. This was taken during my 22nd birthday. I never expect such a huge crowd for a surprise birthday. It was something noteworthy in my life.

Phase 1 ended in a glimpse. A glimpse which filled with fun, responsibilitiesss and accountabilitess, failing and most importantly how to stand on my own feet when the whole world seems to go against the tide.

And so, while half of our original batch,M204 flew across to various continents, another half of us were driven to another town, completely new to us, Seremban for 2 yrs and the last 1/2 yr in Batu Pahat. We learnt the distinguish figure between an academician, and a clinician. We were pressed, pushed, squeezed or whichever word may describe it..in conclusion we were to transformed our mindset to be a functional clinicial the moment we stepped in Sem6. I do really think that Seremban IMU did a considerable great job in transforming us, to be a competent clinician.


Our days in the clinical schol, were filled with wardwork, seminars, tbls(task based learning) programmes which we never once, stop yearning. We were divided into smaller groups,varying from different semesters. We got to know each other even more, personally. Though our days were cramped with tonnes of workloads, we manage to have fun in between.


Occasionally, we went to one beach which adjacent to our place we’re staying -Port Dickson beach. This beach confined lotsa good memories for me. We went fishing to chill out ourselves, and so far, our angling record stil kept at best of 0 – neil.


We do also celebrate our post exam fever at around the beach throwing away all our stresses..but unfortunately, i am their stresses..


As usual, we carry on the usual routine to celebrates our friends’ birthday.In fact its one of activity that break our heavy schedule for a reunion.  Many of them, and one of them, was the one i will always rmr…Everyone rmrs..hehe


During our sem8, the honeymoon semester where we delearn again what we’ve learnt in sem6 n 7, tat’s how ppl describe it, i am lucky enuf to had my elective in Scotland. Was there for a month, and i bet the experience is precious. I managed to do some short visit to a few places around Scotland and England during the weekend where some of my friends were studying there.  That pic was taken at Winderemere, around England famous for their fine serene sceneries.



We had our good time in Kpg Tekir, where we did our health care projects. We did really enjoy ourselves there. All these projects gathers us to be a smaller community, and we learnt so much from each other.

Our stay in Seremban for the 2 yrs was rather much faster than i expected. And then we landed into another new town,called Batu Pahat. Its a complete new life altogether. Portfolios and wardwork were only 2 life essence. We were living day n night with them. Occasionally, there few activities that group us together, again to work for something. Our batch, i wud say is a batch of unity with good camaraderie, when we never fail to provide excellent results, as everyone comes together as one. 


See, everyone’s so attentive when it comes to batch discussion.


And even when having fun.

5 yrs of making, we laughed, cheered, and teared together as a batch, through thin and thick. Glancing back, i never thought i would ever gone this far. All the endless run seems to pay off the day when our semester 10 result were announced.

doctors c107

The future clinicians, of batch C107 shall always remain in my memory forever.

I still think i look better now. A more complete person i am now to face the future. I just dunno how to end this post, but..

Damn, what a journey rite!!!? 🙂


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There's nothing much i can bout myself, coz i think i've known myself much to the depth that i love myself more than anyone. hehe. Feel free to log into my previous blog which can be linked from here at 'My previous one' under He/She Blogs Too. In addition to those bla bla bla bout myself, i think now i've grown more ripe by age. World today seems to be more of making decision of either good or not that good. I cud felt that i'm nearer to what i want to achieve. Its jus bout few steps away from now before i reached that point..
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