Oh holy..goodness gracious…!!

Its my weight!!!Flabbergasted, Bewildered, Astounded,Staggered…and watever greatness words can offer, I jus can’t believe it!

I jus can’t believe it! I gained 7kg in 6 months!!!!Shit man…Shit. Standing at the 65kg currently, no no, I am not pregnant..i am OVERWEIGHT!!!

My BMI is currently 23.9 which is OVERWEIGHT!!!!

Oh..wat the..

I am stil in active-flabbergasted stage…


About yenwee

There's nothing much i can bout myself, coz i think i've known myself much to the depth that i love myself more than anyone. hehe. Feel free to log into my previous blog which can be linked from here at 'My previous one' under He/She Blogs Too. In addition to those bla bla bla bout myself, i think now i've grown more ripe by age. World today seems to be more of making decision of either good or not that good. I cud felt that i'm nearer to what i want to achieve. Its jus bout few steps away from now before i reached that point..
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One Response to OMG…!!!

  1. hw says:

    can lose most of it during ur housemanship.heh..

    anyway, all the best for your finals!! the final few steps to freedom before hell starts all over again=p gambatte! =)

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