Pulau Ketam trip

My blog halted for sometime, uh yea. Mainly partly becoz of the Slowmyx syndromme in my whereabouts, and finally after bouts of endless curse it healed by miracle. Well, miracle happens when those Slowmyx fellas decided to send their technician over to fix it. Slowmyx fellas jus can’t move without curse u knoe. Anyway, apart from Slowmyx syndromme, am recently too busy wit other personal stuff not to mention studies and so on.

However occupied am i, last week before starting my anesthesiology posting was a week of Raya Break (Oh, Happy Belated Raya to Saudara Zhi Yong, i did sms u a pantun anyway XD) and i did grab the opportunity to make my week of break less dull. So i venture down to Pulau Ketam which actually came to limelight in recent years for their economy yet, succulent fresh seafood. Well, jus for guidance for those who wished and never been there, to get there doesn’t need to be a map mazes specialist. Jus got urself into KTM kerata-api and stop at station Pelabuhan Klang(which is the last station for tat route) from whichever station la, n from within walking distance of less than 50 m, u’ll reach the jetty whereby u’ll board on to Pulau Ketam. Its supposingly every half an hour but fluctuates during peak days, first come first serve la. Only cost Rm14 to n fro.  Wud really recommend u guys to use the speedboat those with air-conditioned ones as its faster about 30 min. Using the traditional ferry type ones gonna use ur time up to 50 min thou, but of course u can take ur time to enjoy the view, but personally, its isn’t tat captivating.  Mind u, the last shipping from Pulau Ketam is at 6 pm.

Overall, this ketam island is a tranquil fishing village which somehow stil preserved its main originality til today. Of course according to local sources, its getting more n more exploited in years coming. One can really get themselves a hearty satisfaction of seafood in this island. Apart of those, nothing much more la, except for some sight-seeing around this fishing village n purchasing for some sea products. Well, its highly recommended my fellow friends who are obscessed wit photo snapping wit their SLR cameras. A day trip wud be just nice, but of course for those who obsolete to try out the feel of fishing village, u can easily get a place in the motels there.

True spirit of being Msian, always united even to board on the speedboat.

Tat’s the ktm station opposite a stone throw away from the jetty where i am.

Soup clam, Kam Heong Bamboo clam, Choi tam, Black pepper crab

Am wondering tat too..

LalaCian Literally explained( its fried lala in hokkien)


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  1. Chua Cece says:

    nice foods in pulau ketam…

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