Ops Gelap III

U guys mus be wondering if Ops Gelap III would be another sequel of Muhammadou’s rare special appearance. Or perhaps some of u may be waiting with ur saliva drooling for Muhammadou’s appearances in another cool Malay suite. But, sorry guys to put all the hope, expectation and desperation of Muhammadou’s Yong sequel to thwart. lol..

Equally thrilling, this time i came up wit something more impulsive – slightly more than usual. Dunno wat n how i’m stimulated, i came up wit this idea to go fishing. Fishing for real FISH in Port Dickson tmr evening. But out of extreme desperation, i cudn resist to test my new babe, and dared 3 other fellas to craze along wit me jus now around 11 something pm. Haha, off we sneaked stealthily in the middle of partial darkness to Seremban 3 pond for the test-drive..Shhh…Stealthily konon, we were intrigued by cars passerby, and even policemen(S’ban 3 is an angler-banned area,btw)  . Luckily, we kept our composure well, n the cops left us without any coffee invitation lah. hehe.

It was like 5-6 years ago since the last time i had my last throw of a fishing rod. Admit tat am not a pro-angler, but at least knoe some basic principle with regard this field la. My first attempt was indeed a total embarassment in front of the 3 other crazie fellas; Christina, Ding and Hai Liang. The first throw involve the whole catapult and the stopper into the pond with a splash sound, disconnected away from the fishing line. Was indeed an embarassment of the century for any angler la. N my second throw involve the whole fishing line got stucked on the roller thingy. Aiyo, malu like nobody’s business esp in front of my bunch of friends. Of course i went bac home, wit some adjustment and came bac to the pond wit the 3rd attempt, before saying a bye. Was indeed a total improved version, and it finally works.

All in all, 4 of crazie outlaw fellas was easing and enjoying ourselves very much. While each of us took turn to fish, others wud be chatting and appreciating the beauty of the night under the constellations of twinkling stars. Oooh, was indeed a very relaxing experience after mugging at schol weeks long. Of course, once a while we got the thrill of fishy fishes chunking on the bait. Overall, it was rather simple but a great one!

My new babe on the top, geared together with other equipments for Ops Gelap III


Believe it!!!Ding, had the 2nd catch! A cat-fish

Ripley’s believe it or not ; “Christina caught a fish”…Believe it..again!!! 3rd catch of the night another cat-fish.

The 1st catch of the nite, from me. Haha. A cat-fish. As big as Ding’s slipper.

HaiLiang was the last one to fish, n he caught a bottle of vitagen, too bad Ding threw it away ady. Its as big as a bottle of vitagen bottle. hehe

Ops Gelap III berjaya!!


About yenwee

There's nothing much i can bout myself, coz i think i've known myself much to the depth that i love myself more than anyone. hehe. Feel free to log into my previous blog which can be linked from here at 'My previous one' under He/She Blogs Too. In addition to those bla bla bla bout myself, i think now i've grown more ripe by age. World today seems to be more of making decision of either good or not that good. I cud felt that i'm nearer to what i want to achieve. Its jus bout few steps away from now before i reached that point..
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2 Responses to Ops Gelap III

  1. hw says:

    whoa! fishing in the middle of the night? geng.ahah, so unexpected judging from the title of the post =)

  2. yenwee says:

    Haha..Am stil filled wit young n dangerous blood. Lol..Bit impulsive..

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