China Diary II/III

It was totally gratifying! to backpack around in China. Though jus a mere 3 days, but it was really power-packed wit fun. Together wit a new CBC, China-born-Chinese friend,ZhuYin, both of us travelled almost if not all, the favourites of attraction in south-west China namely SuZhou, ZhouZhuang and of course ShangHai. Hell lucky am I, tat i hav ZhuYin around wit me, or else i’ll die unnoticed in China as everything’s in Chinese brushstroke characters, n pls, for god’s sake, never trust the England words in translation of their chinese words, or else u’ll die laughing rolling in China XD.

From LingAn, we travelled down to Su3Zhou1 wit local bus which took us,  according to ZhuYin its not far, near which in the end took up nearly 4-5 hours. Oh yea, ppl in China has high tolerance of travelling patience. Probably their country is too huge, n its already their routine to travel around places which for us are really far away. We kept asking for direction along the way, n always in return they will answer, not far la, very near which ended up walking blindly for half an hour to an hour,crazie..

Anyway there is this saying among the local ppl tat ‘up the sky there’s paradise,  but down the earth there’s SuZhou n Hangzhou’. So guess it explains all, how heavenly are these places. I wud had agree to tat. Su3Zhou1, famous for the lengluis which prolly lifted it up to standard of paradise-on-earth..xD and also the historical Ming and Qing dynasty gardens. Gals there, yes, mostly are pretty. They are more fairer in skin complexion and slimmer comparison to other places. Well, HangZhou ones are not bad as well. Lucky me..hehe. I wen to 3 places  in SuZhou, which i can;t really rmr wat’s its call in Chinese but mostly are gardens worth centuries ago and not forgetting also a place called hu3qiu1 where the only leaning tower in China lies.

Chang1Lang4ting2 One of the attraction spot of a historical garden since Qing’s dynasty.


Some of the pics

It is said that more than a thousand ppl died here..woo~scared to dead..XD

The China Pisa Tower

Su3Zhou1 street, something like our bukit bintang street la..

SuZhou street at nite..

LOL… the garbage is sick one..cannot recover

Peaches apples only..

Zhou1Zhuang1 and Tong2li3 which is adjacent town to Zhou1Zhuang1, on the other hand presented much another dimension of attraction. Both these town are also known as the Eastern Venice, where rivers are plays a much vital role in transportation. We travelled there the nex day after SuZhou by bus and walking which took us nearly 3 hours which was described near la, awhile only…Managed to overnite in one of the street house inside the town which was really great, as i can really appreciate the night view of the town.

Part of journey, we took this trishaw kinda thing, they call it ren2li4che1.(human power car) lol..

There’s always time for syiok sendiri despite short of time, and out wit foreigner.



Nice isn’t it…


Tat’s all for the 2nd day of backpacking. Was indeed more than meets the eye..=)



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