U no GF ah?

3 months ago since i’m into blogging again, most i’ve blogged bout events n favourites, but too few of conjuring bout relationship. Well, half way bathing jus now, ideas jus came charging through my mind. Might be bit long here, hope u guys wud bear wit it ,do share wit me if there’s opinions which differ.

Well, i guess this type of question ;” U got gf ady ah? ” , “Are u attached?” is becoming a cliche in everyday’s life as age is catching up, not only among friends but also relatives of far n near. Jus 2 days ago when, i met my old friends in Ipoh, these questions jus popped out naturally within the first few seconds after meeting. After revealing my answer, well most of them wen agaped in a surprising look. “doctor wor…nobody comes after u ah” My aunty who recently jus came n visited me also didn lose the chance to ask this.  Well, at times i wud get so weared of these questions and sometimes irritated by their expression of how surprised of my answer even though am doctor-to-be. Normally i wud jus give a sly smile n hop to other topics. Of course some preservere ones wud had thought tat i’m being humble trying to probe more which in fact, hell-NO! I wud be dead happie if there’s any gals after me wei..XD. Let me explain la..

Doctors, n yet cannot get a partner, or perhaps lawyer, engineers n rest of top professions isn’t a BIG thing la wei. Halo~!… Today, everything shifts and raise. Quality of life, academic achievements, career, had much shifted being dominated by the feminine gender. N these aspects prove tat gals today are independant not only the stability of survival, but wisdom wise, they are outreaching the guys. More n more gals are being self-sufficient in most of the daily routine aspects. So, guys out there, if today u ever expect the galfriend of u now gonna ever stay at home mugging wit all the housechores, u r indeed expecting me to be 6′ feet tall..lol. Let face it, the truth is today, gals will not die of hunger for their men to feed them. So professions like wat’ve mentioned which promised a stable good income(not doctors) are an addition jus for their daily needs. So to me, if a gal who’s after me jus becoz wat i gonna be, it jus implies me tat greed is upon them or perhaps they wan the reputation..maybe?

Jus touching bits of an ideal guy today, for wat i’ve observed, most gals today NEEDS guys who can look after them physically, and able to share their problems, and WANTS guys who looks good.  In short, guys with trades of TALL, if possibly well built, and CARING are near impossible, not to get any gals of their life, coz i wud say these are the basic trades of an ideal guy nowadays. Call it nuisance if u wan, but i think today, its gals who chooses guys rather than the other way round.. true?


About yenwee

There's nothing much i can bout myself, coz i think i've known myself much to the depth that i love myself more than anyone. hehe. Feel free to log into my previous blog which can be linked from here at 'My previous one' under He/She Blogs Too. In addition to those bla bla bla bout myself, i think now i've grown more ripe by age. World today seems to be more of making decision of either good or not that good. I cud felt that i'm nearer to what i want to achieve. Its jus bout few steps away from now before i reached that point..
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14 Responses to U no GF ah?

  1. Ching Mun says:

    Ironically bachelorette- and bachelorhood are common among the top professions. Perhaps they’re way too dedicated to carreers or studies?

    “its gals who chooses guys rather than the other way round..”
    I agree to some extend of looking at guys’ internal quality. Well built and tall aren’t priorities. *wink* When it comes to choosing external quality, guys are still leading. Agree?

  2. kiwi-bird says:

    Yo yo yo!!! The criteria for an ideal guy where got so many one? Impossible to find such guy la! I think 2 factors are the most important one: MATURE and CARING!! I think u got both la, so don’t worry that u cant find one la butt!!!

    “its gals who chooses guys rather than the other way round..”

    No comment. But I think it happened in both ways, both are choosing each other.

  3. yenwee says:

    “perhaps they’re way too dedicated to careers or studies”..or perhaps its the other way round, tat they hav no choice but to stick to their careers or studies?XD…I totally agree, most men as creature from Mars judge n choose quality of gals by their eyes, only sometimes also by their brain. Tat’s when ‘jerks’ came in la.lol(gals like jerks more than nice guys anywway).. But don forget, beauty stays stil in the eye of the beholder.

    Kiwi_bird, am not worried of can’t find one for the fact tat, I knoe too many queueing for me mah, too bad i am sufficiently pleased wit my life rite now..XD..

  4. TFTD says:

    YW, so in conclusion u got gf ady ah? Are u attached? 😀

    Kiwi-bird gives u some hint aldy…U RE MATURE AND CARING…think about it 🙂

  5. HW says:

    hahah, gals do not like jerks more than nice guys la, mind you..
    quote: guys with trades of TALL, if possibly well built, and CARING are near impossible to get any gals of their life, coz i wud say these are the basic trades of an ideal guy nowadays.
    don’t quite understand this,i thought if these are the basic traits then why would they have problems?

    BTW, despite us girls stating a whole list of desired traits(smart,funny etc) at the end of the day, the guys we choose normally has only some ,if not none of the above la..We all love the ideal guy , but gotta accept reality also rite? heh.

    p.s. i think guys are choosier, in terms of looks =)

  6. yenwee says:

    HuiWenn, wow…incredible!Hope i’m not exeggerating, but i am in total astonishment to hear from u HERE! lol..
    U’re welcome!! Thanx for pointing out tat quote tat u don’t quite understand. Well,i bet even Einstein can’t, coz its my own blooper. I’ve corrected it. Left out the word ‘not’ actually. Aiks..Thanx wei..! N thanx for contributing ur comments. Sorry, ain’t any chatterbox available for wordpress, so hav to reply u here.

    TFTD: am gonna ignore …silence…

  7. HW says:

    I guess u must be very surprised how i got ur link,well,it was in ur msn shoutout, so i decided to drop by for a visit =)

    btw,mature and caring..hm,that seems like pretty nice compliments to a person.. XD

  8. yenwee says:

    Lol…haha..Am not honna comment bout tat too HW..
    Glad tat u drop by.. Always welcome!!!

  9. kiwi-bird says:

    Wei Kuih Yen Wee, you don’t perasan la!!! Aiyo!!! And why TFTD always bully me =(

  10. Chee Koon says:

    We have more choices when we think we have the rights and abilities to do so.
    The social structure is keep changing…
    The more we venture, the more we are worried, are we gotta find the right one that is compatible with us?
    Quest of love takes time and energy. Still young, then it’s not so worrisome lah…

  11. yenwee says:

    TFTD cares about u lar Christina Ng KI WI..
    tsk tsk tsk

  12. yenwee says:

    Woohoo..wise quotation from CheeKoon oh..Yea yea.we’re stil young..always young..XD

  13. CK says:

    When it comes, it will come; when it goes, it will go. Why bother that much! Just follow our own destiny… don’t worry be happy!

    But i agree 1 point, girls are much better than guys in this era. LOL! Found you in your blog!


  14. yenwee says:

    Welcome to my blog.i like ur comment, ‘don worry be happie’..remind me of this song by bob marley..lol

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