Once a scout, always a scout

Title sounds kiddie huh..Yea, i don mind tat. Today was something quite noteworthy for me to boast with my excessive pride. I travelled upnorth bac to ipoh wit after my clinic session in the morning yesterday to get my certificate after 6 years of graduating from high schol in Sungai Siput, Perak.. Was indeed an endless wait tat i nearly forgotten bout this til last month when Ee called me wit regard to this matter. I ponteng-ed one whole day of Thursday,today session plus saddling on the hassle to burn off my mental stamina to drive all the way there n bac to Seremban, phew..was indeed a long one. But, wit no regret.

Wat’s the fuss wit carrying a monkey around when i can load myself free wit these hassle n get to my classes n books?(rajin study konon) Well, here am i again, if u call me boasting, yes i am..XD..to receive my King Scout certificate, not from orang sebarangan..but from Raja Muda of Perak ,Duli Yg Teramat Mulia blablabla Raja Nazrin who is synnonym to err..Prince William , Princess Diana son i mean..for those who catch up wit the newspaper. Well, seriously he is the most famous and active prince of all in our country, prolly his look, wisdom n his daddie. Not to mention, as the heir of Sultan of Perak, spending most of his time oversea, growing up there and even attained his doctorate from Harvard University. He was larger than life in tv n newspaper which i noted. Standing 6’3 with his shaven greyish hair, he looked like a Caucasian in real person.

Getting back to the ceremony, i was thrilled with the distinct uniqueness of how the whole thing goes. One-of-kind where all speech in the hall is in bahasa istana, n even mannerism – sembah-ing jus to even stand n sit down. There’s really an aura around in the hall upon His arrival in the hall, perhaps being much exxegerated by the yellow aisle, multimillion chandeliars, n other decorations in the hall.

Also, I was quite delighted also to meet some old scout members, out of 15+ scouts in the banquet who once shed sweats n tears 6 years ago for this date, also the pemimpin-pemimpin pengakap who drilled us once like nobody business. Those were the days when words are worthless to describe ’em. Overall, i was indeed happie though dog-tired crazie..
*will update the pics after post therapy for my delirious state for now*

Complete wit 9 sultans signatures..Bangga Sial!!! Am showing off now, obviously XD

I knoe i look funnie

 Even funnier…XD


About yenwee

There's nothing much i can bout myself, coz i think i've known myself much to the depth that i love myself more than anyone. hehe. Feel free to log into my previous blog which can be linked from here at 'My previous one' under He/She Blogs Too. In addition to those bla bla bla bout myself, i think now i've grown more ripe by age. World today seems to be more of making decision of either good or not that good. I cud felt that i'm nearer to what i want to achieve. Its jus bout few steps away from now before i reached that point..
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14 Responses to Once a scout, always a scout

  1. darrent says:

    Congratulation bro…guess your certificate will not be worthy without my signature, so remember for me to sign, but you do not have to wait song long to get another signature. Must be crazy, 6 years for 9 signatures!

  2. kiwi-bird says:

    Tsk tsk tsk, delirious d still want to blog =P can imagine how happy u are la! hahaha!


    (i think u should give the whole S3 a treat! =P

  3. yenwee says:

    Haha..Thanx. U wanna sign ah darren..can ah..can. it takes u 6 seconds to sign only hor. Okie, okie..Hehe
    Like this also hav to treat whole S3 eh? Walau eh, if Dato then nvm la.. this is jus some secondary schol stuff acheivement only la, hehe(rendah diri konon) hehe…

  4. Gordon says:

    I wanna sign on it also.. just below Tuanku Mizan! haha.. Congrats again la buttock! although just a scout :p KING scout should always go with QUEEN guide one! lol..

  5. yenwee says:

    buttock…go eat cow shit…go go go

  6. kiwi-bird says:

    Gordon, later u contaminate the cert onli la.. haha!

    Yeang wee, waiting for u for the Dato’ship ah =)

  7. msgp says:

    hi fellow king scout,
    salam pengakap!

    good read.

  8. yenwee says:

    salam salam pengakap…!

    good hear.

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  10. Paduka says:

    Nothing great about Pengakap Raja. We Have produced so many Pengakap Raja but our scout movement still far behind our neighbour country. Why?… the value is still not their yet.

  11. Sky says:

    How way to get a kingscout?

  12. yenwee says:

    Its a long way to get kingscout. Strating from sratch, u need basic 3 lencana which are Lencana Usaha, Lencana Maju, and Lencana Jaya. Then u got to proceed wit the Lapan Lencana Kemahiran where there’s actually around 2+(can’t rmr how many in exact) kemahiran tat u can do, depending on ur interest. But u jus need 8 out of all of those. Only then, u can take Lima Lencana Tertinggi which is a pre-requisite for u to sit for the KingScout Preliminary Exam, only then u can proceed to King Scout Exam. Tat’s the basic route to get the cert. hope this help man..

  13. gyh says:


    Just to add to what Paduka has said, I think that we are behind our neighbour in terms of resources because of too many politics as well as no consolidation on our effort. Also there are no effort of bringing in professional and general preseption is that this is school based and teacher sometime worried that old boys or the school outsider will treathen their position.
    Talk about pengakap raja, lots of our Pengakap Raja is quite successful but they refuse to help because some of them think that their effort are not being appreciated, if not condemmed.

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