Sex Survey Among Medical Students

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“The 20s are a peak period of sexual activity in many people’s lives. For most aspiring physicians, this period coincides with their medical training. However, little is known about the sexual attitudes and activities of medical students.

What we do know is that medical school is a rigorous process known to take a psychological and emotional toll on physicians in training. Despite growing attention to their well-being, it is clear that medical school can be a stressful experience.[1] Medical trainees who are in committed sexual relationships must also contend with balancing their partners’ needs against the demands of their educational program.[2]

A recent study of sexual function in Chinese medical students provided some interesting data on medical student sexuality in that country,[3] but the last peer-reviewed reports on sexual dysfunction in US medical students were published decades ago. In 1967, Woods and Natterson reported that 22 of 40 male medical students had some concerns about their sexual potency.[4] However, social mores and the demographic characteristics of medical students are radically different now, and it is unclear whether those findings are still applicable.

On the basis of my own recollections of medical training, I was intrigued to investigate the sexual behaviors and incidence of sexual problems in contemporary medical students. Our research team conducted a pilot study of sexual dysfunction among medical students enrolled at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri.

The survey consisted of a basic demographic questionnaire coupled with validated instruments for the assessment of human sexuality: For male participants, we used the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), the Self Esteem and Relationship Quality survey (SEAR), and the Index of Premature Ejaculation (IPE); for female participants, we used the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and the Index of Sex Life (ISL).

The study group included 54 men and 78 women. The group’s self-reported sexual history was generally similar to age-matched normative data (eg, age at first intercourse, number of sexual partners, intercourse frequency).[5,6]

Although sexual behaviors in our study population were similar to existing normative data from an age-matched population, male medical students reported a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction (roughly 30%) compared with normative data (estimated at 7% among US men 18-29 years old). However, the incidence of other sexual problems in men, such as premature ejaculation, was similar to normative data.[7]

Our data revealed a high frequency of sexual problems among female students as well: 63% were at “high risk” for sexual dysfunction on the basis of validated FSFI cutoff scores. The most prevalent problems were low scores in the areas of “desire,” “orgasm,” and “pain.” When compared with normative data, orgasm and pain complaints were more prevalent in the study group, although the incidence of low sexual desire was similar to that of an age-matched population.[7] In addition, 42% of the female medical students reported interference in their sexual life from “excessive tiredness,” and more than one third blamed interference on a “lack of sexual partner” or “psychological stress.”

Being in a relationship correlated with better sexual function scores in both male and female medical students, and relationship quality (as assessed by the SEAR tool in men and the ISL measure in women) was highly predictive of overall sexual satisfaction.

The results of this study were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.[8] Although these pilot data are intriguing, we are reluctant to generalize them to the larger medical student population, due to the small sample size and limitations of a single-institution study group.”


Adapted by Medscape Medical Students

Author, Alan W.Shindel


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    huiyio.. I read about this also. interesting.

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    Haha..yea yea…
    Hope something which is not common among

  3. Chee Koon says:

    Aiyo, very long article. Perhaps u should summarize the main points for us…
    I never know “Lack of sexual partner” can be a reason for sexual interference, HEHE…

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