Friday nite outing wit my mother

I went a movie wit my mother. Believe it or not? Believe it!

Was kinda exhausted after reaching home around 7 something from hospital. Well, stil its part of the plan to watch the movie we wanted-Three Kingdoms, in Midvalley along wit my siblings. I rushed for dinner n cleaned myself hoping to catch the movie at 9.30pm. Jus as i was prepared to leave the house, suddenly my mother uttered tat she wanna join us for the movie. Oooh, i paused and was remotely dubious if its a joke or if my ear heard something else. Well yes, she is joining us for the movie in Midvalley tat Friday nite. I am ok wit it and warmly welcome her, as long as she does not use up the time more longer before tickets were all sold out. Its been quite awhile since the last time we had a family gathering. It took her a little while to get herself prepared but i wud considered tat is tolerable for a lady. Only then she mentioned if wanna buy the keropok and soft drinks into the cinema.  Mus be thinking the cinemas today are stil those sdn.bhd’s cineplex like those REX panggung wayang type one u knoe. No time,mom…we don eat keropok nowadays in cinema..we eat popcorns, i replied. I rushed to MV and as usual 101% sure, she gonna comment my reckless driving skill. Tat’s how KL ppl drive rite. Morover, i don think there’s anything wrong wit my driving skills for u guys tat had sat in my car before.

Reaching there, uh the queue was as long as ever. It nearly reached the McD entrance for those who knew the plan well in MV GSC cinema. Luckily i asked my brother to go for queue while i searched for parking jus now. While patiently waiting, she asked me to jump queue wor. Cannot mom, today is 21st century liao. Ppl knoe wat’s jump queue one, i said. She was quite flabbergasted at all the youngsters presence in MV,especially couples. Wat to expect, its Friday nite ma. Keep on nagging to me tat she’s the oldest one of all. Aiyah, of course i said age yes la, but face doesn look like ma.. Then came a couple in front of us while we were buying drinks. Again she commented, wa..the gal is taller than the guy oh. Wua nowdays guy and gal doesnt mind ady oh. I said no la of course. The gal was wearing high heels ma. Eventually we cudn’t get the tickets we wanted, so we adjourned to other movie err, An Empress and Her Warriors.

Entering the cinema, wua again she commented. The cinema like a lecture hall la..So small one. Of course la i say, got 17 screens here in this GSC, how to expect all like the REX type of panggung wayang. Whole movie was ok to me, overall. Got head got tail lar. To my surprise, my mom actually didn even catch a wink throughout the movie. She said movie was ok. At least she knoe who is the bad n who’s good one, the plot of the movie, and she even knoes the plateau n climax of the storyline. She knoes Lai Meng, Kelly Chen. Not bad not bad..A round applause for her. The last movie we watched together was Pearl Harbour which she enjoy sleeping sweetly throughout the movie.

So, we ended our Friday Nite outing, by bringing her to feast at the Penang Tau Foo Far stall in Sri Petaling. Haha..Overall was good. Thinking again, its the generation gap tat keep the bond alive. hehe..


About yenwee

There's nothing much i can bout myself, coz i think i've known myself much to the depth that i love myself more than anyone. hehe. Feel free to log into my previous blog which can be linked from here at 'My previous one' under He/She Blogs Too. In addition to those bla bla bla bout myself, i think now i've grown more ripe by age. World today seems to be more of making decision of either good or not that good. I cud felt that i'm nearer to what i want to achieve. Its jus bout few steps away from now before i reached that point..
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2 Responses to Friday nite outing wit my mother

  1. suechoo says:

    hehehe…i think i should bring my mum for movie also nx tm…yup, i am goin to do tht…provided she 1s 2 la….;p

  2. yenwee says:

    Haha..yea u shud..Shud choose a weekend nite when there’s lotsa youngsters out, so tat it’ll create a more phenomenal generation gap. Then blog it n see..haha

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